District Management Hasenleiser

Quartiersmanagement Hasenleiser,District Management Hasenleiser

District management („Quartiersmanagement“)  – What we do

Quartiersmanagement is an integral part of the urban development initiative.

Quartiersmanagement drives positive development and facilitates ideas such as projects that contribute to the improvement of general living conditions and social coherence. In response to the residents’ demand for support, the Hasenleiser district management was founded to provide steady leadership and self-sustaining offers.

To facilitate this, the district management has collaborated with residents and participants from a variety of fields such as administration, local affairs, local clubs and institutions. Every active participant plays a different role in the development of the community and in motivating the residents. The main goal is to encourage the residents to take action and responsibility for their district in the long run.

Promoting the development of a district requires a central contact point where all questions and concerns about the district can be voiced: the district office

Our office is located in the former Hasenleiser Volksbank branch at Freiburger Str. 21.

The district management team is here to provide support, motivation and a gateway to a better district.

We are here for you !